Skin Cleaning and Sanitising

CitroShield® Hand Sanitiser and CitroShield® Hand & Body Cleaner: Government healthcare organizations acknowledge the importance of strict adherence to and proper use of hand hygiene in preventing and controlling the spread of common diseases and food pathogens. The routine decontamination of hands before and after touching food, surfaces, sick room utensils, pets and patients should be common practice in the home as well as when travelling and camping.

CitroShield® Hand Sanitiser and hand & Body Cleaner, containing 90% less alcohol than standard alcohol based sanitiser products. They also contain organic emollients which condition the skin and prevent dryness. These products provide a complete hand and body hygiene solution for adults and children both in the home and when out and about.

Cosmetic & Personal Care ingredients

Cosmetics & Personal care products should be made with safe ingredients. Many cosmetic and personal care products in the market today still have chemicals which through repeated exposure are known or are strongly suspected of causing cancer, mutation or birth defects. One of the major issues globally has been in finding safe and importantly effective natural preservatives. CitroLife®  has developed a unique organic preservative that meets standard test methods for the suitability of preserving cosmetic and personal care formulations. This product does not contain grape fruit seed extract.