CitroLife®: the only natural choice for the future

Citrolife® Natural and Organic Products

CitroLife® is a unique range of organic and natural products for cleaning, sanitizing and preserving your modern way of living without sacrificing your health. 

CitroLife® has now become a leading brand in Life Sciences through the delivery of organic and natural products for food, agriculture, hospitals, personal and healthcare industries. 

CitroLife® Organic and Natural Products:

  • are manufactured using only organic and natural botanical extracts
  • are completely biodegradable
  • do not contain any petrochemicals
  • are classified hypo-allergenic
  • do not contain any synthetic fragrances or colorants
  • are not tested on animals
  • do not contain any GMO's
  • are packaged in food grade, recyclable cardboard and plastic bottles

Natural and Organic VERSUS Chemical Products

In a world where environmental awareness is so important to protect our future,

it is reassuring to know there is an organic and natural product range which has been designed to do just that. 


Cleaning and Sanitizing

  • Kitchen
  • Counters
  • Sinks
  • Table
  • Bathroom


Shelf life extension, Natural preservation,
Cleaning / Sanitizing

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Seafood
  • Meat and Poultry
  • Dairy
  • Food and Beverages


Food supplements and Cosmetics

  • Cosmetic Products
  • Therapeutic and Food Supplements
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Medicinal Treatments
  • Hand Cleaners and Sanitisers


Cleaning and Sanitizing

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • Farms
  • Home


Plant Health / Growth, Animal Health

  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Vineyards
  • Hydroponics
  • Flowers
  • Crops


Organic active ingredient

  • 100% Certified Natural and Organic Compliant
  • Harmless

CitroLife® Organic and Natural Product Range

CitroLife® Domestic Products
Why choose CitroLife® Organic and Natural products?

All CitroLife® products contain is a unique, versatile, biocide technology that can be used in a range of applications. It is currently available in a suite of proprietary products which can be used for:

  • Food
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Agriculture
  • Personal Care and Health Care
  • Cosmetics
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CitroLife® Industrial and Commercial Products


  • “ “We were looking for alternatives to our current cleaning solution and undertook a number of trials with mixed results. We discovered CitroShield® Cleaner. It works extremely well on external stainless surfaces that had not been exposed to extreme heat. CitroShield® Cleaner is also effective for the removal of calcium, scale residues and some food grade greases, at stronger the recommended dilution. We are now comparing CitroShield® against our regular sanitisers. We are achieving a longer residual period, which could allow us greater flexibility with our line start up programs.” ” 1

    David BillinghamKraft Foods Ltd.
  • “ “Worldwide people are increasingly aware that many cosmetic products contain many potentially harmful synthetic substances. I was delighted to discover CitroZine® at Biofach, Germany. It is a perfect alternative preservative that outperforms other natural options. It can make cosmetics consumer friendly and green”. ” 2

    Uwe BrandweinerNatural cosmetics and food supplements
  • “ “We have studied your CitroLife® products for many applications. We use CitroShield® products on a regular basis for cleaning and sanitizing our laboratory and critical equipment for manufacturing. We were able to use CitroZine® to prevent microbiological growth in some high water based aroma products and plan to find additional uses for such a versatile and safe material. Thankyouforcontributingtoamoresustainableenvironmentwith a great product.” ” 3

    William BennetDirector of R&D and Technologies

CitroLife® Latest News - Did you know?

Always read the label and use only as directed

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